Caterham Christian Centre is in the process of merging with Caterham Community Church.  We hope that this will bring with it new and exciting opportunities!


There has been a Christian witness on the present site of Caterham Christian Centre since 1888 before Dr Fegan (of Fegan’s Homes) founded a Brethren Assembly. 


The building for the Assembly use was erected in 1920 using corrugated iron and wood. Some repair was necessary following bomb damage during the Second World War, when pillars were built to support the roof. This, then leaking, was replaced with the existing aluminium roof in the early 1960’s. 


In the late 60’s it was found that the front of the building was literally hanging from its roof connections, the floor supports had completely rotted away! The toilet section was rebuilt in brick, giving the present façade. The approach to the building was also constructed at this time; previous access had been a straight flight of steps. 


In the 70’s dry rot was found in the baptistery, which was then sited in what is now called the “middle room”. This led to the complete rebuilding of the rear section into a useful two storey brick building, reducing the size of the main meeting room. In the 80’s the two brick sections were joined by the existing brick wall giving us a complete solid building. A new ‘upper room’ has also been constructed in 2001 in the roof space over the toilet section. This new area is used as an office. 


Recent work included the tiling of the floors of all the back rooms, and the reconstruction of the front path and replacement of front windows and facia boards. 


During the 1980’s a powerful vision was given to the Church of the Lord’s future work in Caterham. This vision included the idea of a centre, meeting the full needs of the community, spiritual, physical and mental, with all the local churches working together under the direction of the Holy Spirit. This working together is very necessary to support new converts.


The recent Fellowship was formed in 1990 with this vision in mind. Our aim was not to rush out and work for God, but to allow God to work through us at His dictation. This meant periods of waiting for His guidance. From 1999 to 2016 we have seen the beginning of this vision being put into place by the Lord. 


In 2017 plans were put in place for the merge with Caterham Community Church.

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